Coatings - paint, enamel, varnishes

The term “Coatings” encompasses a broad range of industries and product segments. GP Chemicals provides key ingredients for many of these industries – from paint and enamel to coatings for shipping containers.

One of our product lines is comprised of modifiers for corrosion- and water-resistant coatings such as marine and maintenance paint, some of which are specified for alkyd and epoxy air dry coatings.

A broad range of our products are used in protective coatings for drum and pail as well as tank and rail car linings. These products feature substrate adhesion properties as well as chemical resistance and corrosion resistance needed for these demanding applications. Specialty products are appropriate for coil lining.

Products also include crosslinkers specifically designed for use in powder coatings.

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water resistance, hardness, gloss, adhesion, corrosion resistance

Modifier for alkyd and epoxy air dry coatings designed to improve water resistance, hardness, gloss and intercoat adhesion. It enables higher solids ...

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