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The term “coatings” covers a broad spectrum of Georgia-Pacific Chemicals products including important ingredients for the paint and coatings market.

Phenolics are used to formulate thermoset protective coatings for rigid substrates. Often used as the sole resin, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals phenolics can be modified with small amounts of epoxies, vinyls or any other hydroxyl-containing polymer to optimize chemical resistance. Major applications for these products include: coatings for drums and pails, tanks and rail car linings, pipes, coil coatings and can linings.

Other GP Chemicals phenolic resins are used to formulate high-performance varnishes and oil-based vehicles for air dry paints in the paint and coatings industry. Because they are formulated to adhere to poorly prepared steel surfaces, these products are a key ingredient for maintenance and marine coatings.

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water resistance, hardness, gloss, adhesion, corrosion resistance

Modifier for alkyd and epoxy air dry coatings designed to improve water resistance, hardness, gloss and intercoat adhesion. It enables higher solids ...

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