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TALONĀ® cationic and anionic collectors are derived from the pulping of trees. As a result, they offer an alternative to diesel and fuel oil, and unlike petroleum-based collectors, they contain no benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene (BETX). The innovative Talon reagents have been shown to improve flotation rates and shorten flotation time.

GP Chemicals TALON collectors improve combustible recoveries in coal flotation.

Developed to improve the flotation of iron, coal, glass sands and phosphate, patent-pending TALON collectors have been shown to increase yield and grade relative to traditional flotation reagents, thus increasing the throughput of your beneficiation plant and the value of the beneficiated ore.

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Combustible recovery

Anionic and cationic collectors for flotation. Specific formulations are adjustable to customer needs.

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