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Depressants for mining industry

TALONĀ® depressants from GP Chemicals are designed to bind selectively to clay and as a result improve grade and recovery in various flotation processes. An additional benefit in some cases is that the dosages of flocculants and coagulants in thickeners may be reduced.

In the iron ore industry, patented TALON depressants, when used with starch, can significantly improve the grade and recovery of iron in the reverse flotation process as compared to using starch alone.

In coal preparation, TALON depressants have been shown to improve combustible recoveries and to lower ash content.

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ore flotation, reverse flotation, purification, beneficiation, clay depression, extraction

Depressants and binders for clay. Specific formulations are adjustable to customer needs. Flotation formulas for phosphate, oil sands, potash and coal ore ...

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