GP Chemicals manufactures an extensive line of phenolic resins for various foundry applications. Our solid RESI-FLAKE® resins were developed for use in the production of foundry shell molds and cores by the hot-sand process and our RESI-SHELL® resins are for use in the production of the foundry shell molds and cores by the warm air sand process. A line of GP® liquid resins is for use in the foundry no-bake process. Our phenolic foundry resin line features various melt points, tensile strength and peel-back resistance.

In addition to phenolics, our pine-based tall oil rosins are used in the foundry industry as a component in investment castings.

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Broad compatibility, Light color, FDA approved

A pentaerythritol ester of tall oil rosin. This product demonstrates light color and broad compatibility when used as a component of hot ...

Tensile strength, peel-back resistance

Various phenolic resins used for foundry applications, primarily in foundry shell molds and cores.

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