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GP® CL-7002 Crosslinking Resin

GP® CL-7002 phenolic resin is a thermoplastic novolac. It is used as a crosslinking resin for epoxy resins. Its low phenol content, convenient softening point, and melt viscosity are conducive for use in powder coatings.



Coatings, Powder Coatings



Typical Properties
Viscosity* @ 140°C, Pa.s
Approx. 1.0
Softening Point **, °C
98 - 102
Free Phenol, %
0.2 maximum
Glass Transition Temperature*** (Tg) °C
OH Equivalent
104 - 108
Shelf Life
1 year

Storage and Handling

It is recommended that GP CL-7002 resin be stored in closed containers in cool, dry, well-ventilated areas. Sunlight and precipitation should be avoided. The proper personal protective equipment should be worn whenever GP CL-7002 resin is used or handled. For safety and health information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet available from Georgia-Pacific Chemicals.

* Sample heated 3°/min at a shear rate of 10 Hz.

** Mettler Softening Point, 2°C/min

***DSC, Inflection point, heated 2°C/min

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GP® CL-7002 Crosslinking Resin

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