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Georgia-Pacific Chemicals produces a wide range of XPLOR™ chemicals for use in oil and gas drilling, production, and refining markets. Many of our products are tall-oil based and used in additives for drilling, production, and corrosion inhibition.  

To meet the challenges of today's oilfield market, we have developed a line of basic emulsifiers that includes XPLOR 1658 emulsifier. These emulsifiers offer an economic alternative to our portfolio of high performance products.

The new XPLOR™ line of dry emulsifiers combine performance with operational benefits in terms of efficiency and total use costs. XPLOR™ dry emulsifiers have demonstrated performance in diesel-, mineral oil- or synthetic-based drilling fluids. They are compatible with a variety of solvents.

GP Chemicals has proven liquid and dry emulsifier technology, oilfield drilling mud testing capability, and an experienced technical staff. We can custom-formulate products to satisfy your specific application needs. Our strengths in manufacturing capabilities and technical product development make us a valued supplier among oilfield fluid formulators and service providers. Our experience producing primary and secondary emulsifiers and wetting agents can be used to support your drilling fluid needs.

XPLOR fluid loss additives are tall oil-modified hydrocarbon resins used in conjunction with our oil-based emulsifier packages to reduce fluid loss in oil and synthetic-based fluids in various downhole conditions.

In addition to XPLOR fluid loss additives, GP Chemicals has developed hydrogen sulfide scavengers and other corrosion inhibitors to promote operational efficiency.

Our expertise in phenolic resin chemistry enables GP Chemicals to support the coated proppant market. We continue to refine our manufacturing capabilities and to develop new products to meet the demand for quality proppant resins.

In addition to products for oil and gas exploration and production, GP Chemicals manufactures fire-safe phenolic resins used in offshore water piping systems and grating.

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Low smoke generation, fire resistance

GP® 161G66 resin is used in conjunction with GP®012G23 catalyst in the manufacture of pultruded composite parts. GP 161G66 is a ...

emulsification properties

GP 4910 crude tall oil (CTO) from Georgia-Pacific Chemicals is a mixture of fatty acids, rosin, and other neutral materials.

Low rosin content tall oil fatty acid, FDA approved

A light-colored, low rosin content tall oil fatty acid produced from the fractional distillation of crude tall oil.

Primary Emulsifier

XPLOR™ 1653 is a tall oil-based mixed acid emulsifier for use in oil and gas drilling applications. It is designed to be ...

Secondary Emulsifier

XPLOR™ 1654 is a tall oil-based amine condensate designed as a high efficiency secondary emulsifier in diesel-based invert drilling fluids for oil ...


XPLOR 1658 is a basic emulsifier for invert drilling fluids in oil and gas drilling applications. Tall oil- based, it provides ...

Secondary emulsifier

XPLOR™ 1805 dry emulsifier can be used in diesel-, mineral oil- and synthetic-based drilling fluids. It is also compatible with a ...

Secondary emulsifier

XPLOR™ 1806 dry emulsifier can be used in diesel-, mineral oil- and synthetic-based drilling fluids. It is also compatible with a ...

Low smoke generation, fire resistance, thermoset

A high temperature phenolic resin developed for use in the manufacture of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) that meets the requirements of Military Specification ...

Low smoke generation, fire resistance, thermoset

GP® 486G34 phenolic resin is used in conjunction with GP® 4826 catalyst for the manufacture of FRP. Specifically developed for hand layup ...

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