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GP Chemicals manufactures many products used by the packaging industry. These products can be products used in hot melt adhesives or even the inks used for packaging printing.

In adhesives, our NOVARES® tall oil rosin esters are used for tackifying hot melt and other adhesives for paperboard packaging and pressure-sensitive labels.

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Dry strength, system charge control, wet strength, surface strength, absorption

Ambond® polyacrylamide dry strength resins are supplied as cationic and anionic aqueous solutions with a range of solids from 10%-50%.

These ...

High solids, cost-performance, low AOX, fiber retention, shelf-life

An extensive portfolio of cationic polyamide wet strength products are supplied as aqueous solutions with a range of solids from 12.5% to ...

Higher machine speed, Mechanical equipment efficiency

GP® defoamers are anti-foaming agents that are designed to reduce and prevent the formation of foam and to control the level of ...

Sizing efficiency, surface strength, scuff resistance, internal bond,

GP Chemicals offers a full range of surface size chemistries – unique styrenic-maleic anhydride (SMA), (SAE) and acrylic copolymer dispersions. These products ...

Broad compatibility, Light color, FDA approved

A pentaerythritol ester of tall oil rosin. This product demonstrates light color and broad compatibility when used as a component of hot ...

Cost effectiveness, performance efficiency

A line of internal alkaline sizes that includes alkyl-ketene-dimer (AKD) emulsions and alkenyl-succinic-anhydride (ASA) and synthetic ASA emulsifiers.

AKD emulsions are formulated ...

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