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GP Chemicals offers a wide array of innovative papermaking products to meet the needs of this ever-changing industry. These technologies include: strength resins; tissue and towel technologies; internal alkaline and surface sizes; and entrained air control products.

GP Chemicals offers a Total Air Control system to monitor and control entrained air in the papermaking process. This system combines a patented, sonar-based flow, entrained air monitor and control unit, with a variety of specialized deaerator chemistries. This enables dissolved and entrained air bubbles to be controlled to desired levels.

Our paper chemical portfolio also contains an extended product line of specialized process chemistries that include retention and drainage polymers, wet strength resin promoters and stickies control agents. Each of these products has been designed to improve the performance of the papermaking process in a cost effective manner.

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The Chemistry of Modern Papermaking was written by GP Chemicals experts Dr. Cornel Hagiopol and James W. Johnston. Published August, 2011 by ...

Drainage improvement, sheet formation, sheet smoothness, defoamer replacement, line speed

A line of products for paper manufacturing that includes specialized deaerator chemistries, defoamers and a patented sonar-based monitoring and feed control line ...

Dry strength, system charge control, wet strength, surface strength, absorption

Ambond® polyacrylamide dry strength resins are supplied as cationic and anionic aqueous solutions with a range of solids from 10%-50%.

These ...

High solids, cost-performance, low AOX, fiber retention, shelf-life

An extensive portfolio of cationic polyamide wet strength products are supplied as aqueous solutions with a range of solids from 12.5% to ...

Higher machine speed, Mechanical equipment efficiency

GP® defoamers are anti-foaming agents that are designed to reduce and prevent the formation of foam and to control the level of ...

Light-colored tall oil rosin, FDA approved, USDA certified biobased content

A light-colored tall oil rosin derived from the fractionation of crude tall oil.

Fiber to fiber bonding reduction

Navigator® debonders are designed to reduce fiber to fiber internal bonding in order to enhance bulk and absorbency levels. Products have also ...

Fiber lubrication, surface smoothness, flexibility

Specially formulated products to lubricate and condition the fiber surface in tissue/towel applications, Navigator® softeners are designed to increase surface smoothness and ...

Blade lubrication, coating, adherence, low contact creping

Our Navigator® line is comprised of specifically formulated coating and release packages for Yankee Dryers. These packages are designed to meet ...

Sizing efficiency, surface strength, scuff resistance, internal bond,

GP Chemicals offers a full range of surface size chemistries – unique styrenic-maleic anhydride (SMA), (SAE) and acrylic copolymer dispersions. These products ...

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