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GP Chemicals LYTOR® line of tall oil rosins is a quality rosin that possesses many desirable attributes not found in other rosin streams. LYTOR tall oil rosins are used as chemical intermediates for a wide variety of markets and applications including adhesives and sealants, tackifier dispersions, chewing gum bases, paper size, printing ink resins, rubber processing aids, disproportionated rosins and soaps, rosin oils, road markings, rosin resin esters, stabilized rosin products, and specialty applications.

We also manufacture NovaRes® tall oil rosin ester that is used in applications such as pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives, paperboard packaging, book binding, and labels. This pine-based quality rosin derivative is consistently clean, light, and compatible with a variety of polymers. A team of knowledgeable technical and sales staff work with our customers to meet their individual requirements.

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Light-colored tall oil rosin, FDA approved, USDA certified biobased content

A light-colored tall oil rosin derived from the fractionation of crude tall oil.

Broad compatibility, Light color, FDA approved

A pentaerythritol ester of tall oil rosin. This product demonstrates light color and broad compatibility when used as a component of hot ...

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