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XPLOR™ 1805 Dry Emulsifier

XPLOR™ 1805 dry emulsifier can be used in diesel-, mineral oil- and synthetic-based drilling fluids. It is also compatible with a variety of solvents.

Handling benefits of a dry emulsifier include ease of pouring for more precise dosing and elimination of drum transportation, cleaning and disposal costs.

As a result of the higher activity level of XPLOR 1805 dry emulsifier, less emulsifier is required to treat a drilling fluid than with a liquid emulsifier.

XPLOR dry emulsifiers have minimal resistance to flow, even at temperatures below freezing, so they are easier to work with in cold climates than conventional liquid emulsifiers.


Diesel-based drilling mud, Drilling fluid emulsifiers, Emulsifiers, Hydrocarbon-based drilling muds, Invert drilling fluids, Oilfield chemicals

Product Composition

Tall-oil-based chemistry


Dry powder


25 lb. bags

Product Availability

Produced in the USA.

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