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In response to travel restrictions caused by the international coronavirus event, we expect that some annual GP® Dynamic Microchamber (GP® DMC) calibrations will be delayed beyond the standard 12-month period. Users of the GP DMC can continue to operate the equipment outside of this calibration window; however recalibration should be scheduled as soon as practical with respect to appropriate guidelines. We have been in communication with the Composite Panel Association regarding this possible delay in calibration service. Since the coronavirus situation is still developing and there is uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions and its effects on industry, we recommend the following for those who are impacted:
1.  Contact Georgia-Pacific Chemicals to extend the GP DMC software license for a 90-day period when your current license expires. This extension will allow GP DMC operation beyond the existing calibration/licensing period, if calibration service cannot be completed before the current software license expires. If business travel is delayed beyond 90 days by the coronavirus situation, we will evaluate options to support your lab program and make additional recommendations until normal GP DMC calibration/licensing schedule resumes.

2.  Perform impinger wet chemistry testing for any samples involved in third party compliance program.

3.  Perform round-robin testing with an associated or backup lab. Round-robin testing helps ensure that GP DMC results remain comparable between participating labs and that testing results have not changed over time.

4. In the case of longer-than-normal intervals between GP DMC use, our standard recommendation for maintenance and storage still apply:

  • Interscan® 116-GP formaldehyde sensors should be maintained by the addition of water to reach target weight, following use in the GP DMC gas analyzer. Sensors should then be reconnected to either the gas analyzer or bias voltage station, with power switched on. Sensors should be connected to either the gas analyzer sampling tubing, or the sensor ports connected to each other using the short length of tubing supplied with all new sensors. No air or gas should flow through sensor(s) during storage period.
  • The gas analyzer power should be switched on if the sensor is inside during extended outages. GP DMC main chamber power and Impinger Totalizer power should be switched off during this time.
  • If GP DMC lab conditioning and emissions scavenging systems are powered down during extended period between testing, please allow for a minimum of 48 hours of lab warmup and emission scavenging prior to resumption of GP DMC testing. Freshened scavenger material (Purafil® or equivalent) is recommended.* If samples are not being conditioned, the conditioning in the room can be turned off.
  • If chemical agents are used for GP DMC system maintenance cleaning, then it is important to allow proper ventilation and vapor scavenging within GP DMC lab before resumption of testing.

Note that your GP DMC team is taking appropriate measures to mitigate risk of COVID-19 to ourselves, our coworkers, and our customers. If conditions permit and we agree to visit your facility to perform services, we will take appropriate measures as practical to continue that risk mitigation per your company’s, Georgia-Pacific, and CDC guidelines. Please contact us via email at for questions and concerns or to further discuss your testing program during this event.

Annual calibration is a standard service to ensure that your equipment is compliant with CARB and EPA regulations. A GP DMC expert technician will come to your facility to inspect, calibrate, and maintain your equipment.

If an issue were to occur, we provide emergency services to ensure your equipment is running as quickly as possible and your operational risk is mitigated. Repair-and-return options are available for less pressing issues.

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals offers training for your lab technicians either on- or off-site.

For any of these services or to request a quote, contact us at or 1-866-4GP-CHEM.