GEORGIA-PACIFIC CHEMICALS resins for high-pressure laminates, compact laminates and thermally-fused laminates (TFL) used in decorative laminates and surfaces.

These products are specifically designed and customized to fulfill individual laminate customer needs such as strength, low emissions, resin flow, low blister and post-formability while meeting applicable ASTM requirements.

For the production of high-pressure laminates such as furniture, countertops, cabinetry, and flooring, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals manufactures a line of water soluble and alcohol soluble thermosetting phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resins. These resins have an average storage life of 3 weeks when stored below 60⁰F.

We also manufacture a line of melamine-formaldehyde (MF) resins for high pressure decorative laminates and for TFL laminates that are water soluble.  These resins have an average storage life of 2 weeks when stored between 90⁰F – 100⁰F.

Additionally, we manufacture water soluble urea-formaldehyde resins for TFL laminates. These resins have an average shelf life of 3 weeks when stored between 60⁰F – 75⁰F.

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