Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Experts Publish Comprehensive Book on Papermaking Chemistry

ATLANTA, GA January 23, 2012

Supported by more than 3000 references of patents and scientific articles covering 150 years of published literature and enhanced by the authors’ industrial experience, the book encompasses and covers the state of science for all facets of papermaking chemistry including retention aids, temporary and permanent wet-strength agents, dry strength resins, internal sizing chemicals, creping additives and softeners.

“Georgia-Pacific Chemicals supported the development of this book as a resource for industry, as well as academia,” said Robert McDonald, paper chemicals business manager for GP Chemicals. “It illustrates the depth of knowledge and resources available at GP Chemicals and we are proud of the years of extensive work Jim and Cornel put into its preparation.”

Johnston, paper chemicals research & development manager at GP Chemicals, guides technology development strategy and execution and manages intellectual property as well as product and project resources. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and SUNY ESF Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering Program.

Hagiopol, a research scientist, received his PhD in macromolecular chemistry from Polytechnic University in Romania and is an expert in polymer chemistry. He holds more than 20 patents.

According to the publisher, CRC Press, a respected publisher of scientific and technical work, “The Chemistry of Modern Papermaking focuses on the chemistry behind each application, on what has been done, and on what can be done.”

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