New Georgia-Pacific Chemicals resins bond wide range of plywood veneer moisture content

ATLANTA, GA February 25, 2014

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals introduces a patented resin system that can provide flexibility in bonding high moisture content veneer with low moisture veneer. New RESI-BOND® Ultra and RESI-MIX® Ultra adhesives have demonstrated the ability to bond with pocket moisture ranges of 2% to 30% when veneer moisture sorts are strategically located in panel lay-ups.

Current resin technologies can lead to spotty and erratic bonds as well as higher downfall percentages in these situations.

This added flexibility and enhanced bonding performance can lead to a reduction in total rejects as demonstrated in testing and trials of Southern Yellow Pine. These tests have resulted in less waste without sacrificing performance.

“In the plywood industry, veneer drying is one of the major bottlenecks. Increasing veneer moisture content has been one option to increase production and the amount of usable veneer,” said Doug Mason, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Product Manager for plywood. “The RESI-MIX Ultra and RESI-BOND Ultra products have the ability to glue wide ranges of moisture, lessening the negative impact waste has to the bottom line.”

Plywood produced using RESI-BOND Ultra and RESI-MIX Ultra adhesives meets Exposure 1 and Exterior bond requirements for PS1-09. RESI-BOND Ultra or RESI-MIX Ultra adhesives are adaptable to most manufacturing processes and there are no special handling and storage protocols required beyond those of standard binder systems.

RESI-MIX Ultra adhesive is a pre-mixed formulation and RESI-BOND Ultra is a neat product for plants that prefer to do their own mixing.

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