New Resi-Boost Resin Offers Significant Operations Savings

ATLANTA, GA October 20, 2016

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC introduces a new resin that can reduce costs for structural plywood and laminated veneer lumber operations in a variety of ways. Resi-Boost™ resin reduces over-penetration of the adhesive, leaving more resin solids on the surface. It has been proven to decrease glue spreads and lower glue usage by as much as 3-10%. Bond quality has also shown improvement with fewer spotty bonds observed. Importantly, Resi-Boost™ resin has been shown to also decrease press times as much as 10-20% in mid to heavy constructions without sacrificing bond quality and without increasing temperatures.

“The patented technology of Resi-Boost™ resin can make a real difference in quality, costs and throughput,” said Doug Mason, Product Manager for Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Wood Adhesives. “This product isn’t a tweak; it can be a game-changer for improvement in operational bottom-lines.”

Other benefits of this proprietary technology include improving panel thickness as well as bonding of juvenile wood and around knots. Improvements in downfall have been seen by as much as 1% when using Resi-Boost™.

All of these benefits can result in energy and adhesive resin cost savings as well as increased throughput and improved quality.

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Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific LLC, is a global performance chemical manufacturer and marketer recognized as a leader in chemicals for building products, pine chemical derivatives, oilfield, paper, mining and specialty applications. It has a presence in the United States, Argentina, Canada, and Chile, with technology partners in China, India, Europe and South Africa.

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