GP® PHENOLIC PROPPANT RESINS for hydraulic fracturing enhance crush resistance and minimize the negative effect of proppant fines.

Our proppant coating products can be used on sand, ceramic, bauxite as well as other types of base materials. They are packaged in tank trucks, totes, and boxes and are sold in liquid, flake and pastille forms. Two examples of these products:

PROPPANTSFormColorMelt Viscosity, cpsFree Phenol, %Technical Data Sheet
GP 2202Flake or Pastille or LiquidTan800 – 2,6003 max.Download
GP 664G26Flake or Pastille or LiquidTan800 – 2,6001 max.Download
PROPPANTS Form Color Melt Viscosity, cps Free Phenol, % Technical Data Sheet
GP 2202 Flake or Pastille or Liquid Tan 800 – 2,600 3 max. Download
GP 664G26 Flake or Pastille or Liquid Tan 800 – 2,600 1 max. Download

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