FOCUSED INNOVATION and Superior Service



Our research and development (R & D) team has in-depth knowledge of thermosetting resins and their application, including in wood products and industrial laminates, glass mat, coatings, and aerospace / transportation / automotive.  Applying new technologies to the entire product lifecycle, we work to bring innovative products from concept to market. By listening to our customers and understanding their processes, we are providing total solutions with long-term value that can help transform their businesses and assure our place as a preferred partner.

Our scientists formulate the foundation for resin innovation on the bench scale and are industry-recognized experts in the fields below:

  • Polymer and material chemistry
  • Wood science and technology
  • Surface and colloidal science
  • Emulsion and aerogel systems
  • Chemical processing, manufacturing, and logistics
  • Chromatography, microscopy, and spectroscopy methods for structural analyses
  • End-product prototype fabrication and physical testing for performance evaluation

We utilize our extensive in-house Analytical and Application capabilities to fundamentally validate and demonstrate end-use performance of our resins.

Embracing innovation to spark new ideas and create new products, we utilize every available resource, including our in-house Analytical and Applications teams, to formulate practical solutions to business needs. We are problem-solvers and continually renew or replace our products through creative destruction, ensuring that our customers will derive value from our products today and into the future.

Interested in introducing intelligently designed amines to your products through collaborative innovation? Check out The Dytek® Aminovation Lab from our sister company INVISTA and connect to their R&D team.

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