A PATENTED, INNOVATIVE PRODUCT used in conjunction with our resins to lower glue costs, provide faster throughput and lower press temperature while retaining bond quality.

RESI-BOOST® technology is proven to reduce the threat of over-penetration in high moisture content veneers leaving more resin solids on the surface.  This may enable lower glue spreads by as much as 3-10%.  Lower glue usage leads to lower glue cost.

RESI-BOOST technology has demonstrated the ability to provide quality bonds with lower press temperatures, reducing press cycle times as much as 10-20%; allowing more production throughput. In addition to production increases, this results in energy savings as well.

Other benefits of this proprietary technology include improving panel thickness and bonding of juvenile wood and around knots. In some applications, improvements in downfall have been as much as 1% when using RESI-BOOST technology.

These results have been obtained with both Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine.

RESI-BOOST Technology brochure


RESI-BOOST, lower glue costs, lower press temperature, faster throughput