RESI-BOOST® GEN2 ADHESIVE. NO RESIN COMES CLOSE, not even original RESI-BOOST adhesive can lower glue costs, provide faster throughput and lower press temperature as well.

RESI-BOOST® Gen2 adhesive outperforms all the competition including our original RESI-BOOST adhesive. Trials show such significant advantages in increased throughput, lower application rates, and energy savings while maintaining performance, that it can potentially save or generate millions of dollars per mill. Customers have seen 17% decrease in cycle time without increasing press temperatures and resin usage reductions of 12% over conventional resins while maintaining bond strength. Every mill is different but trials with multiple mills have shown that RESI-BOOST Gen2 adhesive can significantly improve their operation and reduce costs.

Other benefits of this patented technology include increasing wood failures while providing the potential for downfall improvements and more resistance to dryout and increased timeout, meaning it lasts longer prior to being pressed.

These results have been obtained with both Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine.

RESI-BOOST® Gen2 Technology brochure


RESI-BOOST, lower glue costs, lower press temperature, faster throughput