GP® PHENOLIC RESINS are used for saturating substrates in various applications.

GP phenol formaldehyde saturating resins are designed to have performance properties that include wicking, abrasion resistance, durability and moisture resistance. Applications include air filters, honeycomb door fillers, oil filters, paint roller cores and water-cooling media.

Available in liquid form, these resins are packaged in drums, totes and tankers. Phenolic saturating resins are heat-reactive resins with a limited shelf life. Extended storage at high temperatures should be avoided to prolong the useful life of the resins. It is suggested that the resin be stored at or below 40°F in order to maximize storage life.

Introducing BREAKTHRU™ technology, a unique development that laboratory analysis has shown to decrease free formaldehyde to less than 0.1% versus the typical 0.3-1.5% in phenolic resins. Other potential benefits include improved honeycomb strength performance, reduced free phenol and solvent elimination, with the attendant VOC reduction.

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