QUALITY, RELIABILITY, ASSETS and FOOTPRINT make Georgia-Pacific Chemicals an attractive tolling resource.

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals leverages its national footprint and wide range of production assets to produce customer-formulated solutions. We have extensive experience providing quality products on-time for manufacturers requiring additional capabilities and capacity.


•       Reactors with full vacuum to 50psig, ability to handle exothermic reactions (up to 100°C), cooling coils and reflux condensers and ability to handle batch distillations
•       Specialized reactor capacity featuring HASTELLOY® liners with the ability to reach 170°C
•       Pastillation capability
•       Spray dry capability
•       Investment in advanced production technology through partnerships with top tier universities
•       Continual investment in capital improvements in our plants


We have a footprint with ten convenient and cost-effective tolling locations.

A significant advantage of working with Georgia-Pacific Chemicals is a trucking fleet with industry-leading safety and reliability metrics that we own and operate at select locations.

HASTELLOY is a trademark owned by Haynes International, Inc.

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