Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Truck Fleet Provides Value for Customers

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals operates our own private tanker truck fleet as an extension of our company’s dedication to customer focus and safety. Having our own fleet allows us to safely provide superior service, flexibility and reliability to our customers in a marketplace in which freight availability can be a major concern.

Customer Inventory Management Services

Predicting resin usage in a specific plant can be time consuming, difficult, and inaccurate. The Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Customer Inventory Tracking system (CIT) tracks resin inventory and displays it via a web-based dashboard accessible on desktop or mobile devices. GPC and the mill collaboratively use this data to optimize your order profile, placing, moving or canceling orders as needed for optimal efficiency. CIT can lead to reduced working capital, less downtime, fewer quality issues related to tank rotation, reduced costs for rushed and/or canceled orders, and ultimately, smoother operations.



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